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OHM Hooks Up with Burley Travoy

Seattle Electric Bike - Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For all you serious commuters, shoppers, and those of you in love with bicycle touring, we have a radical new solution to carrying your cargo, based on centuries’ worth of great product development:

Seattle Electric Bike / The OHM Factory Store now carries the Burley Travoy. Burley has been making cargo, pet and child trailers for years and the Travoy, introduced in 2010, is the newest member of the Burley line. Its innovative design even earned a a 2010 Eurobike Gold Award! (See the specs and video below.)

Electric Bike Guy has never hesitated to haul a lot of extra stuff with him because his powerful OHM with BionX electric bike could compensate for the extra weight at pedal-assistance level #2. But now we've found the Travoy is so much more stable than the heavy panniers we used to carry. We love its maneuverability on and off the hitch!

Now OHM Cycles has made it easy for OHM electric bike owners to use the Travoy. First, with a special package price when you purchase an OHM bicycle (and Travoy accessories), and second, with a custom hitch that installs easily on the Topeak rear rack that comes standard with your OHM. It's the ideal solution for transporting cargo with your OHM electric bike--take it from Electric Bike Guy--he uses it full-time in any weather!

Put simply: it is better to pull than to carry, and better to roll than to pull. 

The "Travoy" is not a new idea—history buffs will recognize the word "Travoy" has its roots in the French word "travois" which the interlopers used to describe the mode of cargo they observed among the Plains Indians in North America. The travois enabled a person to transport more weight along two poles behind than could be carried on one's back, and was also harnessed it to horses and dogs to efficiently carry loads.


Time has delivered and now, so has Seattle Electric Bike: the Burley Travoy is available in our shop to make your commute, shopping trip, or bicycle tour a breeze. And the OHM Electric Bike, with its long range and all-weather ride, will make a great accessory for your Burley Travoy trailer.

With a secure quick-release attachment to the custom OHM hitch (or your seat post if you are not riding an OHM), the Travoy is easy to simply clip on and roll away. Its lightweight and sturdy construction (see the specs below) provides up to 60 lbs. of carrying capacity without compromising the overall weight of your bike. Its intelligent design distributes the weight efficiently behind you, keeping your ride light and nimble, even with a full load. 

A weather-proof system, the Travoy comes complete with a basic cargo bag--which also stores the entire folded Travoy at 10 lbs and its quick-release wheels!--and tie-down straps for bulky cargo. Your Travoy may be accessorized with a variety of quick-release bags, including water-proof styles, perfect for whatever cargo you are looking to haul.


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