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Diamondback’s pedal assist eBikes will get you to where you’re going, faster. All the awesomeness of a Diamondback bike, but with some added power. There was a time when every guitar was acoustic and it was good. Musicians got what they needed out of their instruments, and with the right group, it even rocked a bit. But then the guitar got electrified and, just like that, everything changed. Jimi, Eddie, Slash. The world would never be the same. And now, yet again, thanks to the ebike, riding will never be the same.

Diamondback coming soon to Seattle Electric Bike!

Diamondback Union 1
$2,999.85 $3,250.00 8% Savings
Get it done. The Class 3 Union 1 gets things done. Built on a sleek alum...
Diamondback Union 2
$3,500.17 $3,750.00 7% Savings
Get it done. Faster. The Class 3 Union 2 is fully loaded to get things d...
Diamondback Response
An epic journey and more time at the destination. Sure, you can take the...