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Committed to Dirt

Seattle Electric Bike is proud to bring Niner to the Pacific Northwest. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Niner is a group of passionate riders and adventurers producing highest quality e-mountain bikes for dirt roads, trails, and gravel. 100% committed to impeccable design & exquisite ride quality, making off-road bikes is Niner's one and only love. The Niner e9 series of ebikes is powered exclusively by the highest-torque Bosch Performance Line CX Gen 4 power systems, the most advanced ebike system in the world. Fly up and fly down the mountain on a Niner, and experience the expanded possibilities of e-mountain biking!

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Niner WFO e9 3-Star
Your access to the rowdiest terrain, steep backcountry lines, and local chu...
Niner RIP 9 e9 3-Star
$6,029.10 $6,699.00 10% Savings
Our new 150mm-travel RIP e9 29er checks all the boxes. It's a quick, mid-tr...
Niner RLT 9 e9 RDO 4-Star
Blending Versatility, Utility, and Durability We're calling the RLT 9 e9 R...