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Seattle Electric Bike Terms and Conditions 

Shipping eBikes

  • Before buying an eBike online, please check with your local bike shops and support them if you can! If no one in your area has an eBike that meets your needs, we offer shipping to the Continental US. Please carefully read the details that follow then call us at 206-510-0830 to order:

  • All ebikes are inspected and packaged in one of our locations and mailed through bike-flights.

  • Returns may be permitted within 14 days of receiving the ebike. The customer is responsible for the return shipping and may be charged a restocking fee. YOU MUST consult with a sales representative before shipping an ebike to us, as a refund is not guaranteed.

  • Seattle Electric Bike does not ship eBikes directly from the manufacturer. We build, inspect, and test ride the eBike prior to shipping. This ensures that the eBike operates as intended and is free of damage or defect.

  • In the unlikely event of damage to the box or the ebike itself, the receiving party must take multiple pictures of the damage, and record the damage on the BOL receipt with a written description and a note that photos have been taken. We are only able to file a claim for damages with these documents. This must happen before the box is opened. If you are mailing the bike to another bike shop, please inform the shop of this requirement before they receive the crate.

  • If damage to the eBike is found after opening the crate, again, photos and a written description must be forwarded to Seattle Electric Bike in order for a claim to be filed. Damage during shipping does NOT warrant an eBike’s return. Seattle Electric eBike at its sole discretion will decide whether and how to address the issue. This may include but is not limited to compensation to the customer for the damage, replacement of parts, or other appropriate solutions. 

  • In the unlikely event that a defect covered by warranty is discovered by the customer during the course of use, Seattle Electric Bike limits warranty coverage to replacement parts and shipping of parts. Seattle Electric Bike does not cover the labor for warranty repairs except when performed by Seattle Electric Bike within the manufacturers warranty period. All warranty labor will be at the customer’s expense to be arranged with their local shop.

  • Ebike batteries may not be shipped on their own. For batteries to be shipped, they must but part of and packaged with a complete bike and inspected by a certified retailer prior to being shipped out.


eBike Batteries

  • Individual ebikes batteries are not eligible for return under any circumstances.

Online Sales

  • If an eBike has been shipped for any reason, returns and/or refunds are not guaranteed. 

  • If you believe a shipped non-bike item (accessory or component) you received is incorrect, you will have 14 days from the date of receiving the item to notify us. After 14 days, all sales are final.

  • If you want to return a non-bike item for any other reason, you will have 14 days to request a refund. If the item was fulfilled by one of our warehouse partners, we will send you a return label. Otherwise, you are responsible for the return shipping expense. A refund will be processed after the item has been received and inspected at our shop. If damage occurs during the return shipping, the customer is responsible for the damage. To recover this cost the customer may file a claim with the shipper. 

  • We are available by phone, email, or our contact form here in the event you want to return your item.

  • Once the return request has been submitted, we will contact you. 

In-Store Purchases (Including online purchases picked up in-store)


  • Purchased and Special Order items left over 30 days will be refunded and returned to inventory. SEB will not be responsible for items not picked up after 30 days. Customer will be responsible for the cost of any modifications to parts, accessories, bikes, due to merchandise not being picked up.
  • All eBike returns must be completed within 14 days AND returns will NOT be accepted on any bike with over 15 miles added to the bike after mileage at purchase.

  • No returns on any bike in the customer’s possession over 14 days.

  • Within the 15 miles and 14 days, no fees will be incurred for mileage or restocking. However, fees may be added at Seattle Electric Bike’s discretion for wear and tear, and parts and labor.


  • Your conventional bike components can be serviced by any professional bike shop, including warranty claims.

  • Your motor system is manufactured by the best companies in the world, and protected by excellent warranties. 

  • A local dealer for the motor system product will be able to assist with any service or warranty issues associated with your motor system. Seattle Electric Bike can also assist with any issues, advising how to get service or warranty assistance. Please do not hesitate to call, email, or contact us here in the unlikely event that you need assistance with your system.

  • Please note that “tuning” your motor system is strictly prohibited by the manufacturers and will void any and all warranties for any part or component. SEB does not recommend tuning and is not able to assist with a warranty claim for any portion of the bike if the eBike has been “tuned”.