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Top Quality Brands

We are passionate about bikes and ensuring that we always have the best quality options for you to choose from.  We have a 12 year track record of selling more quality (mid-drive motor) electric pedal-assisted  bikes than any other shop in the region. This reputation has earned us exclusive access to bike companies latest and greatest technology, as well as a greater variety of models and sizes at all price points.   All of our brand offerings include a minimum of 2 year warranties on their motor systems, and at least 5 year warranties on the frames (many offer 10 years+).  Reassurance from a warranty is great, but even more important to us is not ever having to use it. We do this  by choosing to work only with companies that have only the highest quality control standards in the industry ensuring extremely low failure rates. We are very picky about which motor systems we offer and which brands we will work with to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of your investment for many years to come!

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