Yamaha EBIKE Expo - May 5th.


On Sunday May 5th, Seattle Electric Bike-Bellingham, located at 800 Harris Avenue in Fairhaven, will host Kyle Ireton, the regional representative from Yamaha Bicycles. SEB-B is delighted to be providing our customers with Kyle’s expertise to answer questions, offer test rides, and share a wealth of knowledge about Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles. SEB-B will provide pizza and refreshments, along with social media engagement.


  • Yamaha Bicycles Representative

  • Yamaha Bicycles 2019 Models for Test Rides

  • Knowledge and Expertise

  • Free Pizza and Refreshments

Yamaha released the very first electrically power-assisted bicycle in 1993 and has remained a leader in the field. “Bringing rider and machine together as one for an unprecedented riding experience is the guiding philosophy at Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles.” --from their website

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This approach matches the philosophy of Seattle Electric Bike. Owner Stefan Schlesinger discovered ebikes when he wanted to bike commute and avoid buying a second car. After finding the best electric bike for his own needs in 2008, he was inspired to start Seattle Electric Bike, offering an affordable way to support others in doing the same thing. With an electric bike, riders of all abilities can enjoy the freedom of riding a bicycle, climbing hills and travelling distances like never before.

Come experience the range of Yamaha Power Assist models: the road-worthy Urban Rush, the commuter’s dream Cross Connect, the economical Cross Core, the mountain bike YDC-Torq, and the newest addition to the line--the gravel-ready Wabash. These are all Class 1 Electric Bikes, reaching up to 20MPH with the pedal assist feature. All Yamaha bicycles come with an industry-leading 3-year transferable warranty, and all bikes purchased from SEB-B come with a benefits package and guarantee of the highest level of customer service.

Yamaha's center drive systems use sensors to precisely measure your pedaling force, the bicycle's speed and pedal cadence to add the right amount of power to the drivetrain.

The Bellingham location is home to a team of ebike experts happy to share their enthusiasm, and a technical team with over 60 years combined experience. Located near the bay in the historic Fairhaven district, customers can enjoy a test-ride along the Interurban Larrabee trail and ride local hills to experience the difference, power, and fun of electric bikes.

We’ll see you on Sunday!

Erik Melgard