Go further, see more: Together. Say hello to the Thoris XT10 Electric Tandem.

The Gepida Thoris XT10 Electric Tandem is in a class all its own.

Already unique by virtue of being a tandem, Hungarian bicycle manufacturer Gepida has created a powerful, nearly-all-terrain tandem ebike, outfitted with Bosch’s Performance Line motor and a 500Wh Battery to get the best range, efficiency and lifetime expectancy. In fact, Gepida dealer New World eBikes, based out of Oregon, got their start specifically to bring the Thoris XT10 electric tandem bicycle to the U.S. market, realizing that such an outstanding product should be readily available to the U.S. customers.  

Gepida Thoris XT10 with Bosch Performance Line Motor and 500Wh Powerpack Lithium Ion battery.

The Gepida Thoris XT10 tandem ebike will take you and a partner as far as you need to go – without the limits of fatigue or getting slowed down by hills. With both the Captain and Stoker in mind, this ebike is both comfortable and accessible from tip to tail. A suspension fork, swept back handlebars and accessible mounting height in the front means comfort and confidence for the Captain, and the angled downtube creates a low-step for the Stoker, while also providing extra wide handlebars for stability and even a third rim brake for extra stopping power. 

The Gepida Thoris XT10 Tandem not only provides awesome stability, it’s also fun to ride! The Performance Line motor provides up to 63 Nm of torque, which means that no hill is too steep, especially with two riders who pedal together for miles of couple-powered fun. The Thoris XT10 also has capability to take a second battery pack, extending the range of your rides for miles of smiles.

Gepida Thoris XT10 Electric Tandem: The Power of Two

After getting in touch with New World eBikes founder James Kammeyer, it’s obvious that there are endless advantages to a tandem bicycle. Tandems are perfect for riding with someone who does not want to ride a single bike, either for comfort or ability reasons. It’s easy for Captain and Stoker to talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company rather than battling wind and differing cycling styles. And the Stoker can enjoy a leisurely ride, taking pictures, talking on the phone, being in charge of snacks, helping to navigate, and assisting the Captain with putting on or taking off a jacket without either rider having to leave the bike!

James also writes that having an electric tandem means that with the power assist, hills, headwind, load, and physical condition of the riders are less debilitating factors, and there is enhanced safety by being able to rapidly speed up to blend with traffic or avoid it all together! The Thoris XT10 has integrated lights in front and back for greater visibility, and by being electric, carrying heavier loads such as picnics or even supplies for multi-day camping trips are no problem.

Stop by one of our shops today to test ride and experience the ultra-unique, super-stylish and extra-fun Electric Tandem Bicycle. Twice the pedal power, double the fun.


  • 20mph / Class 1

  • Bosch Performance Line 250W

  • Bosch PowerPack 500Wh: 36V/ 13.4Ah

  • 28” Wheel Size, Schwalbe Energizer 700X38C Reflective Tires

  • 1-10 Gears

  • 6061 Alloy Frame

  • Front Fork Suntour NCX-D Coil Suspension with 63mm of travel

  • Shimano Deore M-506 180mm Hydraulic Disc brakes & third Shimano Caliper Rim Brake controlled from Stoker’s handlebars

  • $4,595

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