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The E-Bike Subsidy Waiting Game: An Update

It's been a while since we delved into the topic of e-bike subsidies, and we figured it's high time for an update. In our previous post, "The E-Bike Subsidy Waiting Game," we discussed the potential benefits and hurdles of government incentives for electric bikes. Since then, it’s largely been radio silence from WSDOT; That is until I came across an article from our friends at The Urbanist who visited SEB for another e-bike related piece linked here

In the article he speaks with Hannah Weinberger who is a Communications Lead at WSDOT. Hannah mentions a general program build time of about a year and half which would be nearing the end of 2024. Neither the article or Hannah provide any kind of timeline or launch date for the voucher program. 

Hannah of WSDOT was quoted by The Urbanist stating “If people currently have the means to get an e-bike without the rebate, they should strongly consider not waiting given those odds, and to consider how much riding enjoyment they’d be missing out on in the meantime. The rebates also won’t be available retroactively,” Largely because roughly only 7,000 vouchers will be available each year. 

So the moral of the story is if you are considering getting an e-bike and are holding out for the voucher, your best bet is to take advantage of current discounts ahead of summer. Seattle Electric Bike has many models on sale with even deeper discounts starting Friday 5/17 ahead of the Memorial Day holiday. Instead of waiting for a voucher we likely won’t see until 2025 or beyond.


As always we’ll continue to keep our ears to the ground for any news about this subsidy and will update our readers with any new information.

Cheers and keep pedaling!

SEB Team

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