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Got Hills?
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Seattle Electric Bike:
A Decade of Highest Quality eBikes

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2019, we remain committed to our original mission: We wanted to bicycle-commute and avoid buying a second car. During our search we realized that by selling the very best electric bikes, we could support others in doing the same thing.


An eBike for Every Rider



Here Come the Great Waves!

For the ebike rider who wants it all: versatility, easy access, lightweight, high-torque, long-range, and speed! Men and women and people of all ages love the Wave frame for its ease of use and immediate fun. The relaxed upright position make Wave bikes the ultimate around town commuter.

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Did you know that people in the flatlands desperately need good quality bicycles like the lonely one hanging in your basement or garage? After all, some people don’t have hills! We’ll give your currently under-used bike a new home where somebody will cherish and ride it in the heartland of America. You can even trade-in that starter electric bike with the heavy hub motor for the real thing: lightweight, efficient, and responsive mid-drive technology.


Mid-Drive vs. Hub-Drive

At Seattle Electric Bike, we have been celebrating the emergence of mid-drive motor systems onto the electric bike scene due to their unique responsiveness for on-demand power and torque. Most customers find that they benefit from the light-weight, long-range, high reliability, and low center of gravity found on the new quality mid-drive systems available. These days, by far the most frequent question we get from our customers is: What is the difference???


Greatest Electric Bike Video

What is required to move a human from point A to point B on foot, bike, car, train? Bike Engineer Zach Krapfl looks at the environmental footprint of many methods of modern transportation and finds some surprising answers to this question, along with big opportunities for change. A most promising one: People who have changed their main mode of transportation to electric bikes are living healthier, happier, more eco-friendly lives.